In the age of the customer, construction companies understand the need for customers to have complete visibility of their project costs such as labor and changes in scope allows them to see in the moment as to whether they are making money on a project.

For example, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., recently made available the latest release of Vista by Viewpoint, which includes significant updates to the project management functionality of the software including resource and service management, BIM (building information modeling), and enterprise content management.

Resource management, fully integrated with Vista, now offers the ability to manage, locate, and view the available resources across projects. The benefits for companies is detailed management helps ensure they are better using resources, whether its equipment, supplies, or team members. Service management, also fully integrated with Vista, now includes significant enhancements to work order management and service agreements, providing tighter control and increased options for scheduling and billing.

Browser-based solution BIM Manager enables teams to edit and revise information regarding architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) models, now provides increased validation and control options to ensure better quality data. Additionally, updates allow for the identification of outstanding errors in COBie data and a new color-coding system quickly identifies revisions between models.

The search interface for Vista’s enterprise content management is provided via mobile devices, allowing users in the field to create new queries and use search modifiers to narrow their results, just as they do on the desktop. Updated mobile capabilities also allow users to now take a picture or capture documents, add meta data, and then upload it, all using a mobile device.

According to Rob Humphreys, vice president of product management at Viewpoint, project and service managers will greatly benefit from enhanced tools that will help reduce costs, streamline workflow, and ultimately make projects more profitable.

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