Just how much of an effect can software and other cutting-edge technology solutions have on construction companies, their processes and workflows, their projects’ budgets and timelines, and their overall bottomlines? An example of a recently completed project, a multimillion-dollar healthcare facility, shows just how important technology can be for design firms, GCs (general contractors) and subcontractors, and project owners.

The hard-hitting design-build team of McCarthy Building Companies, www.mccarthy.com, St. Louis, Mo., Petra ICS (Integrated Construction Strategies), www.petra-ics.com, La Palma, Calif., and Taylor Design, www.WeAreTaylor.com, Irvine, Calif., announced they recently completed construction of the St. Jude Medical Center Northwest Tower in Fullerton, Calif., five months ahead of schedule. After $228 million in construction costs, the companies also say they were able to deliver the project 10% under the original budget.

To achieve this, the companies leveraged collaborative design-build delivery and virtual construction and design technologies to ensure a quality product with on schedule, on budget delivery. Specifically, the St. Jude Medical Center Northwest Tower project benefited from BIM (building information modeling) 3D, 4D, and 5D, which helped tie the model to other factors such as constructability, cost, and schedule.

The project also benefited from solutions from Bluebeam Software, www.bluebeam.com, Pasadena, Calif. McCarthy, Petra ICS, and Taylor Design say Bluebeam solutions were used to create an electronic plan room in the early stages of the project, which helped get the project on track and stay there.

Throughout the project, the companies say the cloud-based plan room evolved into a hyperlinked central hub of project information—including everything from submittals and RFIs (requests for information) to coordinated models, schedules, and forms. The availability of this valuable information to each team member from various devices, including mobile devices in the field, throughout the project’s lifecycle helped deliver the multi-faceted project ahead of schedule and under budget despite setbacks and hurdles.

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