As a corporate owner, there is a lot of responsibility to develop, manage, and execute a successful build. From hiring the right team to managing time and budget throughout the lifecycle of a project, owners must continually make decisions that could ultimately make or break the bottomline. Technology solutions that contribute to visibility and streamlined workflow can help make the process more profitable.

The appeal of software solutions for business process management for owners does not change depending on the type or scale of the project. Most construction undertakings, whether it’s a high-rise, a bridge, or an industrial build, can benefit from technology that helps ensure owners have full control of a project’s ebb and flow.

One project owner, oil-and-gas production company INPEX Corp.,, Tokyo, Japan, is no exception, announcing this month it has adopted several technology solutions to help execute the Ichthys LNG (liquefied natural gas) project.

The large-scale Ichthys LNG project exports gas via 889-kilometer subsea pipeline from the Ichthys Field off the shore of Western Australia to onshore processing facilities. The project will require several large contracts during various execution phases, which will also generate a significant number of contract documents, claims, and performance reports, among management of project milestones and other processes.

To help mange its cost-control system, INPEX says it has selected Unifier from Skire,, Menlo Park, Calif., a cloud-based capital-project management solution focused on document management, including bids, work orders, and cash-flow forecasting.

Unifier also integrates with technology solutions from SAP,, Newton Square, Pa., and Intergraph,, Huntsville, Ala.—which is an engineering and geospatial software solution provider and partner of Skire.

According to Sateez Kadivar, vice president, business operations and corporate development, Skire, the sheer size of the Ichthys LNG project—and the volume of the engineering, procurement, and construction contracts—make project controls virtually impossible without a centralized system driving standardization, proactive management, and visibility.

The Skire-Intergraph-SAP integration is a promising combination for this oil and gas mega-project, but a project need not be large-scale to benefit from technology. When planning and executing a capital project of any scope and size, the ability to manage information through every phase of a program helps owners optimize business processes for greater success in the long and short terms.