Let’s be honest: Nobody likes toll roads. But if we have to have them, we may as well make them convenient and efficient. RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has certainly helped drivers in that respect. But technology, mainly in the form of M2M, is also helping from a company standpoint.

AssetWorks, www.assetworks.com, Wayne, Pa., recently announced NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority), www.ntta.org, Plano, Texas, will purchase its AssetWorks EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software to oversee its roadway network, infrastructure, and fleet. Through this partnership, AssetWorks hopes to provide NTTA with better productivity, regulatory maintenance compliance, and reduced costs, in addition to improved process efficiencies, equipment data capture, and customer satisfaction.

The AssetWorks EAM system is designed to manage all elements of public infrastructure. Its functionality allows it to track boundary-based assets such as roads, pipelines, and parks. It can also monitor work orders and materials, as well as manage realtime labor, lifecycle analysis, and capital budgeting. It also syncs with the company’s fleet management, fuel management and GPS systems.

Data from the EAM system may be accessed in either a traditional representation or a visual one, i.e. live map-based views or dashboards. This allows management to interpret company data in whichever way fits their needs, and thus serve the public in a more efficient manner.

NTTA develops and maintains toll roads in the northern area of Texas. It operates more than 850 lane miles of toll roads, with another 99 under construction. The organization also works with the cities of Dallas, Houston, and Austin, as well as numerous private companies.

Carl Bruce, AssetWorks’ vice president of sales and marketing, says partnerships with organizations like NTTA are vital to the company’s growth as it expands its service offerings.

Few could have predicted the number of ways M2M is changing the business world. In the end, those changes are happening because the technology provides new opportunities for growth, improvement, and efficiency. When it comes to toll roads, whether you’re on the road or behind-the-scenes to ensure the operation runs smoothly, M2M is there to help.