Properly maintaining and operating a facility is all about the hand over. Throughout the life of a facility, the operations phase can account for 80% of the cost of that facility. Having the right technology in place can make you feel much more confident about handing that 80% of the project more efficiently.

Technology from Multivista,, Phoenix, Ariz., for example, can act as a facilities management tool in a way that it becomes an actual construction record archive for the project. The company offers a range of different products around the area of documentation and collaboration on the project.

The Multivista Exact-Built product is a documentation system that creates a complete record of your entire construction project, indexed by time and location. The record is hosted by the company and is also built so that it is interactive for the entire project team. This helps with such things as schedule issues, change orders, and even legal claims. This provides a good set of collaborative tools for the construction phase.

As one example of how Multivista’s technology can help with regard to the long-term maintenance and operations aspect of a facility, its MEP Exact-Built allows users to virtually see behind the walls of the facility to locate the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

The key with facilities management is knowing where all systems are, and having the proper documentation. Such a solution can be a good value add for general contractors, as they can allow facilities maintenance groups access to the secure Web portal where such information resides. Once the project is complete a hard drive can be handed over for purposes of long-term maintenance and operations.

The company seems to be gaining traction, having contracted more than 140 million-sq.ft. of projects in 2010 in such key markets as healthcare, education, and government, to name a few.

On another front, SharePoint360,, San Diego, Calif., is looking to make a stronger statement in the market, and has a facilities management aspect to its plan as well. The company was born from construction-management consulting company Gafcon,, San Diego, Calif., which successfully leveraged Microsoft SharePoint for the industry.

A good story in success using SharePoint360 comes via Gafcon itself, the story that spawned the birth of the company. An industry-specific set of solutions, as well as intranet and extranet, provided employees and customers with realtime access to information from any location. This created immediate insight into business data that allowed Gafcon to track and report on key information—including billable hours and employee progress—in a more streamlined manner.

According to newly appointed CEO Kevin Harris, the company’s product set is gaining considerable traction in the construction management and project management market and is built to be an end-to-end solution that touches every part of the lifecycle for a building in construction.

Harris cites an industry statistic that says roughly 24 cents per each square foot is lost due to inefficiencies during the hand-off between phases on a project. SharePoint360 is looking to close the gaps that exist between those phases by offering a more comprehensive solutions set to handle the complexities associated with documentation on construction projects.

The company offers a collaborative portal that allows for not only the storage of information, but also the management and analysis of such data for the intent of making more informed and timely business decisions.