Your state’s DOT (Dept. of Transportation) is likely using new technologies in the preconstruction phase of a project. In recent months, more DOTs have been embracing new technologies. For some, it is electronic bid submission systems; for others, it is 3D surface modeling systems.

In the state of South Carolina, the DOT is responsible for 62% of South Carolina roads, and recently began using new 3D surface models in the preconstruction project planning phase.

The system allows the DOT to visualize, navigate, analyze, and interact with 3D data on a computer. Users can integrate surfaces, images, and vector data to provide a 3D view of all data sources in a map window. With the application, the DOT is lowering project costs and establishing project completion dates through a more realistic representation of the data. The DOT is also using the technology to create a more accurate estimate of expenditures.

Donny McElveen, GIS manager, SCDOT, says “Now, we can conduct a 3D fly-through of corridor alternatives, which allows us to effectively visualize the interaction of various land use components. This, in turn, helps us mitigate the risk associated with each project.”

The South Carolina Dept. of Transportation is using GeoMedia 3D from Intergraph,, Madison, Ala., a provider of engineering and geospatial software to visualize data. Steve Powers, vice president, Intergraph, says there is a growing demand for 3D visualization in various infrastructure management organizations.

GeoMedia 3D is the latest addition to the Intergraph product suite. GeoMedia 3D is an add-on that extends the functionality of Intergraph software through 3D visualization and analysis.

State DOTs are more often turning to technology to manage preconstruction processes. For contractors working on roads, bridges, or other infrastructure this means the use of technology throughout many phases of construction is becoming more commonplace on a project.