The payroll process is riddled with error! This is the unfortunate reality that many builders and contractors face on a weekly basis. However, without the time or the resources to transform this often paper-based process, construction companies run the risk of losing thousands and thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense.

Fortunately this is one of the many areas that technology is helping to play a complementary role in construction. Solutions that allow contractors to record time and attendance records (even when offline) are proving to be a valuable commodity across the board in construction. Driven by Web-based and mobile technologies, it’s no surprise that the use of time and attendance tracking software has essentially accelerated in recent years as these types of technologies have matured and become readily adopted in construction.

Still, the dilemma with using such solutions is the perceived notion that a constant wireless connection is necessary. Quite to the contrary actually, as many of these solutions feature the ability to collect time offline. Store and forward capabilities allow data to continuously be collected and then when a network connection is recognized, it is forwarded along to the backend system (such as accounting) in which it is linked.

Finding such solutions that fit within your current business model becomes very important. Along with such options as ensuring the solution links with the appropriate backend systems, like accounting and project management, you need to ensure they will work within your current wireless environment.

Working with your current wireless provider can be a good avenue for finding such solutions. In fact, a recent survey of Constructech readers regarding the value of wireless carriers shows that many rate the ability to work with industry specific partners highly when evaluating network carrier partners.

For example, Verizon Wireless,, Basking Ridge, N.J., partners with such companies as Actsoft Inc.,, Tampa, Fla. Actsoft develops GPS-based wireless data applications, offering both client and Web-based solutions on multiple devices. The company provides scalable mobile solutions that can fit any size construction business, helping to automate forms and timecards that capture data from the field, among others tasks.

Integrating with more than 150 payroll systems and featuring intuitive options for managing things like overtime, Actsoft provides a custom solution to manage payroll in construction. Seeing that it is a close partner of Verizon Wireless (the carrier of choice by 51% of the aforementioned Constructech survey respondents) makes it all that more appealing to contractors.

This is merely one example in construction. Each of the major carriers has developed a custom partner channel or program for construction and can most likely offer up suggestions on solutions that can fit your mobile requirements.

As mobile devices become more prevalent, the wireless infrastructure more robust, and Web technologies more pervasive, the ability to track things like time and attendance on the jobsite no longer needs to be a daunting effort.