A tech solution sounds to be sparkling in the southern hemisphere in a manner perhaps suggestive of a twinkling star in the Southern Cross constellation.

Mark Steggall, Director of Sure Constructions, www.sureconstructions.com.au, Warragul, Victoria, Australia, comments on the responsiveness of the vendor of a software tool credited with helping the builder increase productivity by 30%—by replacing paper with smartphones.

“Their turnaround time for new features and requests was brilliant,” Steggall says of Australian software vendor Vertical Matters, www.verticalmatters.com.au, Franklin, Victoria, developer of the MQMS (mobile quality management system). “They went the extra mile to ensure that the system met our needs.”

Sure Constructions is a privately owned civil engineering and construction company engaged in the project management and construction of infrastructure and land development works for private and government organizations in Australia’s South East Victorian Region.

The MQMS is a business tool that runs on standard smartphones and replaces business processes traditionally completed using paper—including tasks associated with forms, policies, procedure, and quotes. The system also aids job scheduling, with project coordinators being able to gain instantaneous “snapshots” of projects using Gannt charts and GPS (global positioning system) tracking to manage assets.

“The key areas that the company helped address related to timesheets, project visibility, forecasting, SWMS (safe work method statement), and workflow,” explains Stegall, of his company’s experience with the solutions provider.

Offering fully integrated system modules, and serving clients throughout Australia, Vertical Matters is a strong proponent of the benefits of cloud technology wherein files can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

The solution provider also advocates functionality enabling users to visit sites remotely using Web conferencing. Commenting on the software vendor’s cloud capabilities, Stegall says, “They know civil, they know quality, and their mobile applications technology prowess is second to none.”

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