With the smartphone being one of the latest tools in a field worker’s toolbelt, more construction companies are quickly discovering data is the secret weapon to more efficient processes at the jobsite. Technology providers have been coming to market for years with solutions and apps to provide much-needed data to contractors, and now the carriers are upping the ante, offering new tech for the mobile workforce.

Many construction-technology platforms provide much-needed data for on-the-go contractors. As such, wireless carriers are offering enhanced asset-tracking solutions and mobile apps, providing construction owners and CIOs with new methods to gather and process data from mobile devices and the fleet.

As one example, last Friday, Verizon, www.verizon.com, Basking Ridge, N.J. announced it is now rolling out Networkfleet on the Verizon Wireless Network. This follows Verizon’s acquisition of Hughes Telematics, which provided the Networkfleet solution.

The technology allows construction companies to monitor speed, fuel consumption, drivers, and vehicles, while maintaining vehicles through diagnostics. Contractors can use the system for fleet tracking, asset tracking, fleet maps, vehicle diagnostics with alerts, roadside assistance, and preventative maintenance, among other functions.

The system combines in-vehicle hardware and a Web-based application to store, view, and analyze data on specific vehicles or fleets on a whole.

While Networkfleet can be applicable for a wide range of industries, the construction industry in particular can use fleet management to give management greater control and visibility of the jobsite and vehicle operations.

Beyond just the fleet, AT&T, www.att.com, Dallas, Texas, is also looking to connect the construction worker in the field through a new set of cloud-based mobile apps. Announced last week, pdvConnect provides businesses with apps to document situations in realtime by speaking, taking photos, or sharing location information.

For example, workers in the field can use a new app to send status and issue updates, while another app will allow contractors to reply to text messages using voice. AT&T says the new cloud-based mobile apps provide businesses a way to shave time off communications with workers in the field and enhance business efficiency and productivity.

As asset-tracking technology and mobile apps become more widely used in construction industry, technology providers—and carriers—will continue to come to market with new and advanced solutions.