Are you using all that your software has to offer? Chances are the answer to that question is no. In construction, software has become a powerful tool for helping make more efficient use of time across all areas of operations. But have you truly explored all the ways in which you might not be using the software?

Some software providers estimate that construction companies are not fully using all that their current software investment has to offer. That being said, taking the time to attend training seminars is not convenient, particularly in these times when the need to be in the field is imperative.

Likewise, Webinars can only do so much. Still, it is good practice for construction companies to set up some type of software training program for employees in which they can continue to learn on their own pace. This becomes critical as the software changes and/or the needs of your business expand. Having well-educated and trained employees can make your investment in software today go much further into the future.

On Center Software,, The Woodlands, Texas, for one, has been steadfast in its efforts around training users to work with its software. The company offers its On Center University and recently announced it will begin offering free basic training Webinars for its digital takeoff software, On-Screen Takeoff, as well as its Quick Bid and Digital Production Control products.

According to On Center, customers with current active licenses and are on maintenance will be given unlimited access to live Webinar sessions with an On Center Software certified trainer. On Center will offer more than 10 live sessions per week.

Emphasizing the point that, for the most part, companies do not tap into all that a piece of software has to offer, Misty Malone, manager of training, On Center Software, says, “Most companies only leverage about 30% of the capabilities provided by the On Center Software solutions. Think what would happen if companies only received 30% of the value invested in materials or labor—it would be devastating to the bottomline. On Center University training helps eliminate hidden waste for customers by getting more out of the money that is already off the books.”

Training continues to be a critical component to leveraging your software investment. On Center Software is one technology provider that continues to emphasize this point to customers. It might be time to check what your technology providers are doing to ensure you remain up to speed on your tech investment for the long run.