As a construction professional, the ability to manage information translates far and wide. From commercial builds such as hospitals and office buildings, to residential builds such as homes, technology can help leverage a contractor’s resources, leading to successful projects that are delivered on budget and on time. In some cases, a company’s use of technology earns them a stellar industry reputation.

Gafcon Inc.,, San Diego, Calif., is a construction-management consulting company that has a particular taste for technology. The company was so inspired by its success with Microsoft Corp.’s,, Redmond, Wash., SharePoint software, that in 2006 Gafcon President Pam Gaffen founded SharePoint360,, San Diego, Calif., with the goal of helping other companies improve the project-management process.

Gafcon works across a number of construction markets, including education, residential, government, public works, and private sector, leveraging technology solutions such as SharePoint360 for project management and BIM (building information modeling).

As a testament to its technology-driven success with the Miramar College Arts and Humanities and Business Technology Classroom buildings, Gafcon and its partners were recognized as a project of the year for achievement in construction management.

The building project not only required technology behind the scenes throughout the construction process, it also prominently features technology within the facility. Gafcon says the two state-of-the-art classroom buildings contain “smart” classrooms equipped with computers and A/V equipment; a 60-seat lecture theater; a professional recording studio; art, mathematics, and computer labs.

The company’s prior experience with education projects and its use of project-management software contributed to the success of the $34.4-million buildings , which were completed on time and within budget.

Whether a project is project of the year, or whether it’s simply a success in the eyes of the customer, technology that can help construction firms put their best foot forward is always a good idea.