Today’s homeowner can have high technology expectations when the time comes to remodel their home. Some want to be able to use design tools on the Internet to visualize what the end product will look like. Others simply want ongoing, constant contact with builders, and accurate estimating and billing.

Remodeling professionals can benefit from the use of technology—whether it is online tools to help the homeowners envision the home or project-management software to manage processes in the office and at the jobsite.

Being able to help clients visualize the project is key for remodeling professionals that are looking to win new clients. Homeowners are turning to tools on the Web to upload photos and create designs of their dream home—and once they have this vision in their head then they seek out the right contractor for the job. Last week, VisApp,, Sarasota, Fla., a provider of visualization technology, announced it has launched a more extensive version of its application

While the product is not targeted to homebuilders and remodeling professionals, the technology allows homeowners to upload photos of their home and visualize the projects. The new version of the site also allows users to browse catalogs of products, review information on builders, and even request bids.

Bobbie Ayers, creator and founder,, says the new version connects homeowners with professionals, allowing users to review qualifications and previous projects of remodeling professionals, landscapers, and interior designers.

These Web-based platforms are helping homeowners create a visual representation of their home. Another example of an online visualization tool homeowners are using comes from SpruceBox,, New York, N.Y.

For remodeling professionals, this trend is an important one to keep in mind. Homeowners are turning to the Web when looking to remodel their home and many could be using these online visualization tools.

As a remodeling professional, another area that remains a top priority is accurate estimating. Being able to offer a competitive price, while still maintaining a profit, can be a fine line especially in today’s market. Software can be a good way to more effectively manage estimating and job costing on a project. Technology providers are coming to market with new and more affordable options for remodeling professionals.

For example, last week, Corecon Technologies,, Huntington Beach, Calif., announced three new editions of its Corecon V7 online construction software. The new Standard Edition is designed specifically for smaller firms such as remodeling companies that primarily need estimating and job costing software. The Standard Edition will also integrate with various accounting packages through CoreconLink.

More homeowners are becoming tech savvy. For builders, this means developing a strategy and an approach to meeting these needs. In many cases, technology can play a role in helping attract more clients as well as more precisely manage the project.