The construction industry is increasingly becoming connected, with the use of telematics, RFID (radio-frequency identification), and other technologies becoming more widely used on projects. As such, technology providers continue to come to market with new solutions.

For example, ZTR Control Systems,, Minneapolis, Minn., a provider of industrial telematics equipment monitoring and management, has released a new package specifically designed with the portable GENSET in mind. Whether providing power to a construction site, a well site, or a community fair, ZTR has the GENSET telematics solution.

Telematics gives the customer realtime operational awareness anytime, anywhere. Focusing on diagnostics and troubleshooting, the industrial Internet is moving to a practical, data-driven approach. Efficiency is paramount and telematics can account for each moment of GENSET production.

The ZTR GENSET package has the ability to tap into J1939 and Modbus to gather and analyze crucial information. The ZTR i3 Network brings businesses into the IoT (Internet of Things) by facilitating and monitoring those intricate equipment “conversations.” Utilization reporting, historical data, and maintenance planning are all available remotely by mobile app.

While this is one example, the use of connected technologies continues to grow in construction. Now might be the right time for many construction companies to determine how to best leverage this connected technology.

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