Collaboration technology is driving many aspects of the construction industry. In order to improve collaboration and communication among all project team members, technology providers are coming to market with new announcements. In recent news, Textura Corp.,, Deerfield, Ill., announced it has acquired,, Chicago, Ill.

Patrick Allin, chairman and CEO, Textura, says the acquisition allows Textura to extend its mission to better serve the construction industry by providing additional collaborative solutions to all participants on construction projects.

The company plans to combine Textura and to give clients a solution to span the entire construction lifecycle—from prequalification through payment—in one integrated platform. provides an online network for general contractors and subcontractors for bid management, document sharing, and communication. Textura currently offers Textura – PQM for prequalification management and Textura – CPM for construction payment management.

The addition of to Textura’s line of products will expand Textura’s offerings, and give construction companies a way to manage everything from bid management through payments on one integrated platform.

Bryan Jurewicz, president and CEO,, says, “Textura and have demonstrated success in delivering efficient and effective solutions that help the industry focus on construction, not paperwork. This acquisition strengthens our value proposition to our customers and allows us to expand the offerings available to them.”

According to Textura, it is looking to drive the “transformational shift to virtual collaboration” among key players in construction, and will help meet this need by increasing Textura’s capacity to keep the industry connected from the start to the finish of jobs.

Do acquisitions among technology providers typically lead to more integrated offerings for the construction industry? In some cases, yes, acquisitions such as Trimble’s,, Sunnyvale, Calif., recent line of acquisitions in construction are helping bring BIM (building information modeling) to the field. In other cases, it is just market consolidation.

It will be interesting to watch and see what new capabilities Textura will roll out between’s communication network for bid management and document sharing, and its platform for prequalification and payment. There certainly is potential for more collaborative capabilities between general contractors and subcontractors, and this might just be one step forward toward a more integrated solution.