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Textura has done a nice job of incorporating PlanSwift, Submittal Exchange, Latista, and GradeBeam into the fold of the company, while additionally growing its business on a global level.
Constructech editors

Since launching Textura with CPM (Construction Payment Management) in 2004, the company has built or acquired several additional solutions touching different stages of the construction project lifecycle, and has also announced the company’s IPO (initial public offering) of shares of common stock to the public in 2013.

Today, Textura has a nice arsenal of acquired products including GradeBeam for invitation-to-bid, Submittal Exchange for online exchange, review, and archive of submittals, Latista for mobile field management, and PlanSwift for takeoff/estimating solutions. Still, the company also builds out its lineup of existing products while adding new products as well. One such example is the BidOrganizer product. Together, the company has developed an end-to-end solution for the construction industry.

In addition to its lineup of products, Textura also recently launched the Early Payment Program to address a key industry challenge by enabling general contractors to provide accelerated payments to subcontractors. The program’s funding sources are expected to provide in excess of $10 billion of ongoing subcontractor funding. This amount would fund more than $80 billion in subcontractor invoices a year, which equates to more than $200 billion in project construction value.

In addition to building out offerings, the company has also taken key steps to expand geographically in both Europe and Australia, growing its footprint and adding experienced leadership.

In total, 6,858 construction projects were added to Textura’s solutions last year, representing $72.2 billion in construction value in 2014. This brought total active construction value to approximately $165 billion at the year end.

Textura has its eye on building an end-to-end solution for the industry, piecing together both acquired and organically built products designed specifically for the construction industry. The company has a good vision for how technology can be leveraged in construction, which will help to catapult the industry forward in the future.

Product Offerings:

  • Bidding/Estimating
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Payment Management


  • Continues to build out new and acquired products
  • New Early Payment Program addresses industry needs
  • Geographic expansion both in Europe and Australia


  • Ongoing individual service for each product offering
  • Manage growth effectively
  • Add partners for new strategic opportunities

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