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BIM, BI, QA/QC Collide
These days everyone in the construction industry is talking about how to push BIM (building information modeling) to the jobsite. One product that delivers is Latista. For years, Latista has offered the construction industry a tool for quality and field management that brings stakeholders together to lower costs. Since Textura acquired the product at the end of 2013, the company has continued to bring new functionality to market including enhanced models on the iPad, new BI (business intelligence) tools, and progress photos, just to name a few. The Constructech editors like that Textura has taken an already solid product in the marketplace and continued to advance it, keeping today’s needs of the construction market in mind.

“There is no doubt Latista has had a strong position in the market as a QA/QC tool for the construction industry for years. However, now, Textura has taken the product one step further, adding new functionality for models on the iPad, additional BI tools, and progress photos.”
Constructech editors

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