Generating a response from the public can be extremely challenging. It’s hardly an issue exclusive to the construction industry. Marketing departments the world over struggle on a day-to-day basis with the challenge of generating public response. How does a company make the most of its resources to stand out from every other group on the market?

For H&H Homes,, Fayetteville, N.C., and 4Corners Construction, operating as 4Corners Homes,, Edumund, Okla., the answer comes in the form of electronic marketing. Assisting both builders on this new frontier is SmartTouch Interactive,, Austin, Texas. SmartTouch is an interactive marketing agency which specializes in connecting companies to potential leads and helping those groups manage their contacts. Both companies will work with SmartTouch’s marketing automation and email marketing solutions.

H&H Homes will use numerous SmartTouch solutions, including SmartTouch Marketing Automation, SmartTouch Email Marketing, and the company’s Microsoft Outlook plug in. This will equip H&H with tools for better lead management, and a higher rate of return on marketing campaigns.

“The SmartTouch team has an excellent understanding of real estate marketing and homebuilder needs,” says Kristie Meave, senior vice president of marketing, H&H Homes. “Their deep experience in interactive marketing and lead management is evident in the solutions and services they offer, which is precisely why we chose the SmartTouch platform.”

4Corners will also use the SmartTouch platform for marketing automation. In addition, it will use SmartTouch’s knowledge of Website conversion to improve the effectiveness of the Website in driving leads. SmartTouch will also create and deploy monthly email marketing campaigns to generate and nurture leads.

“We look forward to helping these two organizations leverage the SmartTouch real estate marketing automation and email marketing solutions to optimize their interactive marketing program performance and deliver their sales team with the right information at the right time to act on and sell more homes in 2013,” says Alan Daniel, CEO and cofounder of SmartTouch Interactive.

For these two companies, technology may hold the key to the next stage in their professional evolution. It’s no longer just about bulldozers and buildings. It’s about improved performance through the ability to maximize time and resources. This is what technology can offer.