Small-to-midsized general contractors make up a large portion of the construction industry. This segment of the market has unique needs too. While these businesses also need to manage data throughout a project lifecycle, some of the larger, more complex systems can sometimes be too big for a small company to handle.

Enter a cloud-based platform such as BuildingBlok,, New York, N.Y. The product came onto the market early this year and has been growing its customer base ever since. In fact, just last week the technology provider announced its platform has exceeded 2500 general contractors and has tens of thousands of subcontractors signing up to use the suite of tools.

The technology is designed specifically with small-to-mid-sized general contractors in mind and helps manage the entire lifecycle of construction projects. The platform is a management suite that replaces workflow processes such as email, fax, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With the technology, users can better track and manage documents.

More specifically, general contractors can store and share construction documents, manage and track permissions, and provide users with a time-stamped audit trail for projects. On the flip side, subcontractors can create documents in the system, instead of using paper or email. This means all parties involved in the project can review and approve documents online, which the company says can cut time to complete a project by 90%.

This data can also be managed at the jobsite on mobile devices, as users can update daily reports, timesheets, and take photos.

Justin Nolan, CEO, BuildingBlok, recognizes the needs of the small-to-midsized market, saying these contractors make up more than 75% of the trillion dollar construction industry.

With such a large portion of the construction market needing a targeted solution, a cloud-based platform designed specifically with small-to-midsized general contractors in mind could provide the flexibility and ease these companies need.