The cloud has rapidly been a term gaining increased momentum in the construction industry, but how will the cloud play into connected strategies at the jobsite in the future?

In an effort to help enable and accelerate the semiconductor ecosystem in Singapore, Silicon Cloud Intl.,, a provider of secure and private cloud computing infrastructure, is working to provide a state-of-the-art design enablement infrastructure and framework for IoT (Internet of Things) node designs.

The company recently announced that its second cloud center in Singapore is operational as of this month. In collaboration with Cisco,, and other organizations and enterprises, Silicon Cloud’s latest cloud center aims to support global IoT research and design. The hardware is hosted by the Singapore University of Technology and Design,, a public university in Singapore.

Mojy Chian, CEO and cofounder of Silicon Cloud, says high-performance virtual machines and data security are essential components for cloud-based IoT node design infrastructure and framework. The company’s goal is to continue providing these capabilities and technologies by offering an end-to-end, seamless design platform for IoT node designs.

While “general-purpose” processors in routers often cannot achieve the necessary performance for the IoT, according to Cisco, Silicon Cloud’s technology offerings could represent a step forward in enabling IoT designs in developing countries and beyond. Simpler semiconductor platforms that offer lower development costs could open the door for new design opportunities that enhance the worldwide IoT market.

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