Laura Black

Naperville, Ill. – October 30, 2020 – Geoffrey Kasselman, SIOR, LEED AP, partner & SVP, workplace strategy, CRG/Clayco, has joined the lineup of acclaimed speakers at the National Constructech Technology Days Conference, November 12-13, which will be held virtually and in person from MxD in Chicago, IL.

Closing out the conference on Friday, November 13, this high-energy thought-provoking Keynote presentation will provide a foundational discussion of the underlying drivers of imminent exponential change, including: a post-COVID reality check; what, when, and why exponential changes will occur; what happens when all of these transformative changes converge; “X” factors; and what the next 5 to 25 years will look like as a result. Additional insights into the likely future of various commercial real estate asset classes such as industrial, office, retail/entertainment, mixed-use, multi-family, and mission-critical/data center will be offered as well.

Kasselman commented: “I’m excited to join the all-star line-up for this event, and to be able to close it out with what should be essential dialog for construction industry businesses and professionals everywhere.”

Kasselman oversees CRG’s national accounts and leads all client-related initiatives for the company’s expanding industrial, office, and data center project delivery platform. Additionally, he provides CRG clientele with “future-proofing” strategies for their real estate holdings and workplaces.

He is also founder & CEO of Op2mize Energy, a strategic real estate consultancy and energy procurement firm. Previously, he served as executive managing director at NKF where he led NKF’s National Industrial Practice Group from 2014-2018. He also served as the 2017 global president of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors.

In addition to his core real estate development and energy activities, Kasselman is an innovation-minded but pragmatic futurist and accomplished global speaker on a variety of topics including economic trends, innovation, sustainability, ecommerce/supply chain, blockchain, and exponential technologies.

“We are pleased to close out our annual conference with an individual who has so much experience with exponential technologies,” says Peggy Smedley, president and editorial director, Specialty Publishing Media. “Geoff brings a unique vision about how we can leverage strategy, sustainability, and technology together, and I am eager to have him leave a truly lasting impression with those that watch and listen to his outstanding insights.”

This year at the 2020 Constructech Technology Days Conference we offering a wealth of information in which we are calling “On-the-Go Content” to help you see the rapid changes that are directed at your specific specialty and target corporate objectives.

We are delivering a new conference, creating innovative opportunities for attendees to explore the latest technologies and advances from the finest people in industry focusing on the IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), BIM (building information modeling), digital twin, machine data, and more.

Technology Days will tackle the issues facing the built environment from infrastructure, utilities, energy, to connecting and building smart cities, stadiums, sustainability, resiliency, manufacturing, you name it, as these champions of tech explore every aspect of sustainability, carbon reduction, and resiliency.

The first day of sessions focuses on the global need for diversity, equality, and encouraging greater STEM in the building and manufacturing space. It will also explore the global trends ranging from prefabrication, new materials and processes, underlying design assumptions, BIM, intelligent infrastructure, urban mobility, and more.

Day two focuses on the advancement of technology that is inspiring an industry and the next generation of workers to leverage technology to achieve sustainability objectives. In many cases this means building a vision for those companies that believe in taking on a moonshot dream for achieving sustainability and climate goals through the use of traceability and tracking technology. To build tomorrow’s future we will continue to leverage the worker of the future, new AR/VR, drones, and other tools to reshape our urbanization, and so much more.

About Constructech Technology Days
Technology Days 2020 plays a pivotal role in driving sustainability, carbon reduction, resiliency, and the circular economy that many companies need to execute. Companies of all sizes can deploy project development and delivery to procure IoT technology and more, to develop, manufacture, design, and build the infrastructure of the future.