General contractors, subcontractors, and owners are under greater pressure to ensure buildings constructed today meet high-efficiency standards. How can technology help?

Document-management technology can reduce the amount of paper wasted on a project. Fleet-management solutions can reduce the amount of gas spent to and from the jobsite. Building automation, such as lighting controls, can reduce the amount of energy used throughout operations.

But what about reducing the amount of surplus inventory on a project and ultimately keeping construction materials out of landfills? Can technology play a role there as well?

Here is an idea: Instead of throwing out leftover materials, why not place the inventory online? This will not only reduce waste on a construction project, but it will also result in a little bit of extra cash at the end of the day.

The ASA (American Subcontractors Assn.),, Alexandria, Va., and,, Westminster, Colo., recently announced a new partnership to give ASA members access to ZamRay’s online construction toolkit through local ASA chapters.

The partnership will allow subcontractors to place the surplus inventory into a construction-specific online classified advertising marketplace. Buyers can then search by material type, geography, or price.

According to the ASA and, this will help keep excess inventory out of landfills, while also reducing lost money on dead inventory. In addition to inventory, ASA member can also buy and sell construction equipment, vehicles, and real estate; post resumes or jobs; and bid on projects.

This partnership is opening up new opportunities for subcontractors to reduce waste on a jobsite. While inventory can be bought or sold on traditional classified advertising Websites, construction-specific sites give the industry the ability to drill down deeper into more targeted buying and selling needs. This is just one of many ways the industry can go green on construction projects today.