With technology changing at a very rapid pace, developing current and future strategies for adoption in the construction industry can be a challenge to say the least. But being able to adopt technology in the right manner is key to growing businesses in the construction industry.

One of the big areas up for discussion when it comes to the future of construction technology is how mobile initiatives will play a role in construction firms.

Many construction companies might be considering standardizing on Android or Apple. But should contractors even standardize on one single platform? Also, how are contractors managing the BYOD (bring your own device) movement? Should companies even provide mobile devices to workers in the field anymore—or have them use their own device?

Central to these questions is the ability to identify and establish a process and strategy for mobility in the construction industry. Developing a plan for mobility is a critical step.

The good news is many construction software providers are rolling out mobile versions of the software to run on these devices. A recent example comes from Aconex, www.aconex.com, San Bruno, Calif. Yesterday the project-collaboration solution provider announced the launch of Aconex Mobile for the iPad. This follows the company’s May 2011 launch of Aconex Mobile for iPhone.

With Aconex Mobile for iPad, construction professionals will be able to capture photos, videos, and audio on site; access and manage current project documents; review images and drawings; manage tasks and issues; and view and edit project information offline then sync with the platform when a connection is available.

In a statement, Leigh Jasper, CEO, Aconex, says, “Seamless mobility across multiple devices is critical to the efficiency and productivity of end-to-end project management in a collaborative environment. Aconex Mobile for iPad complements and extends the capabilities of our iPhone app to help project managers make timely, actionable decisions based on a firm command of all project information and processes.”

At this year’s Technology Day, Jasper will participate on a panel with other technology providers, including Viewpoint Construction Software, www.viewpointcs.com, Portland, Ore., and Maestro Technologies, www.heavy-works.com, Houston, Texas, and ponder the future—giving attendees a sneak peek into the direction of construction technology. The panel will address concepts like cloud computing, collaboration, BIM (building information modeling), and mobility, among others.

Overall, many builders, contractors, and corporate owners might be asking: What will our IT department look like in five years and what should our IT department look like in five years? This year’s Technology Day conference aims to help the industry prepare for the changing landscape in construction technology.