In today’s age of always connected construction projects, paper-based resources and workflows are commonly being moved to mobile devices.

What does this evolution mean for a traditionally paper-based resource like The Blue Book of Building and Construction, which is a construction directory of the major regional markets throughout the United States?

As construction has entered into the digital age, The Blue Booking Building and Construction Network,, Cupertino, Calif., has continued to launch new online solutions for the industry. The latest comes in the form of a project-centric CRM (customer-relationship management) platform.

Project Pipeline is designed to allow contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers to manage project opportunities. The technology gives contractors critical information needed in order to manage projects, and has Blue Book ‘Business Intelligence’ built-in.

The company says Project Pipeline is a “project-centric” CRM technology system that understands the relationship between a project and the multiple potential clients on that particular project.

With Project Pipeline, construction users can maintain and access details related to the projects they are interested in bidding on. The technology helps businesses streamline the sales process including leads, opportunities, proposals, and contact management.

The Blue Book built the Web-based system on SugarCRM’s,, Cupertino, Calif., platform, which means The Blue Book Network is able to more quickly bring a customized, industry-specific CRM solution to market using this platform.

For the construction industry, this CRM solution provides another Web-based technology platform to manage information related to projects and is built on top of the information that The Blue Book has been associated with for years.

As construction moves away from paper-based processes, companies are delivering new Web-based technologies.