For the construction industry, effective project management is key to moving the project forward. As such, technology providers continue to come to market with new upgrades.

Asta Development,, London, England, has launched an upgrade to Asta Powerproject, its project management product suite.

Asta Powerproject version 13 extends its functionality to streamline tasks within a project, allowing users to analyze resource and cost more accurately. The new features allow tasks to be linked automatically as they are created or selected, handing more control over a project to the user and taking all levels of skill availability into account when checking the availability of permanent resources.

Alongside the program’s current benefits, other features allow the user to: analyze resource and cost center usage daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly; link tasks automatically as they are created or selected; highlight actual and constrained start and finish dates in the spreadsheet; specify permanent resource availability at skill level; and specify the type of cost to which cost related fields refer.

These new features highlight a raft of potential benefits to Asta’s customer base and future users. By continuing to integrate its customers’ feedback into future upgrades of its technology, Asta Development has built a scalable tool that is relied upon to support project activity at all levels of complexity.

Asta Powerproject is available in standalone and enterprise versions. It is used on projects of all sizes and by all industry sectors. Originally developed for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry, it is used on all types of projects including: house building, general commercial construction such as schools, offices, and hospitals, as well as road and rail construction and maintenance.

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