For construction, the iPad and iPhone have revolutionized how the industry does business, but slowly more organizations are beginning to use more Android and Windows. Now, a new player in the market could shake up the device market even further.

In January, Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Constructech and Connected World magazine and host of The Peggy Smedley Show,, interviewed two executives at an up-and-coming company who might just have what it takes to hit one out of the park with their new product. On January 6, Smedley welcomed David Ko, CEO and cofounder of Jide Technology,, and Jason Zheng, Jide’s Intl. marketing manager, to the Internet radio show to discuss the Remix ultra-tablet, an Android-based device built to provide a mobile productivity experience. Now, the company is gearing up for a unique and exciting Kickstarter campaign.

Three senior engineers formerly of Google,, founded Jide in 2014 after recognizing a gap in the tablet marketplace. Ko says, “People look at tablets as leisure. For entertainment only, but then they’re not doing any work … what can we do?” Remix sets out to bridge the gap by adding productivity features back into a tablet without attaching the high pricepoint of competing devices such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Already selling in the company’s home country of China, the Remix is a full HD 11.6-inch tablet equipped with a large touchscreen and a full-size keyboard—essentially providing a laptop experience on an Android tablet. In reality, though, what’s exciting about Remix isn’t the hardware; it’s the software. The Remix OS (operating system) is a customized version of Android that merges the productivity functions of a laptop or PC with the simplified user experience consumers have expect and love from their tablets.

In a couple of weeks, Jide will launch a campaign on Kickstarter, not to raise funds, but to build a community of Remix ultra-tablet users in the U.S. In fact, the company says it plans to give all backers, no matter how much they pledge, a Remix ultra-tablet, even though the device’s retail price is $399 and the campaign’s lowest reward tier will be $39.

The company is looking for an authentically interested and engaged audience to help build its customer base and inspire its next generation of software by practically giving away the hardware. The Remix ultra-tablet currently selling in China is a “localized version” for that particular market, while the device that will be available through Kickstarter will be a localized version for the U.S. market.

The Kickstarter community is unique in that it’s made up of early adopters who love to be part of the process. By pledging funds and providing key feedback, the community is essential to bringing new, exciting, and sometimes experimental products and ideas to fruition. This is exactly the type of community Jide wants to reach by putting Remix tablets into their hands. Ko says together with their Kickstarter backers, the company hopes to “build something together.” While Jide may not be making typical use of the platform, it’s doing something different, which could just be what it takes to stand out from the crowdfunding crowd.

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