These days everyone is going paperless—or so it seems. Looking to reduce the amount of paperwork involved with cumbersome processes associated with building projects, technology providers are looking to provide an answer through automation. This trend touches multiple aspects of a project, from scheduling, estimating, job costing, and even the customer relationship.

Last week Sales Simplicity Software,, Chandler, Ariz., announced what it calls a new “paperless process from lead, to sales, to closing” for the homebuilding market. It is a step in the paperless process for the CRM (customer-relationship management) market.

The company recently partnered with DocuSign,, San Francisco, Calif., the technology associated with electronic signatures, and this new release is a direct result of that relationship. With the DocuSign technology Sales Simplicity can manage the entire customer sales interaction, from prospect development and option selection, to customer sign-off on a final contact, without the need for paper. According to Sales Simplicity, this paperless process extends to its latest CRM tools and its cloud-hosted salesforce-automation technology solutions.

“We now have homebuilders who are using Sales Simplicity in an entirely paperless process, where they send finished contracts to buyers via email, to a resident iPad located in the sales office, or to their personal cellphones for off-site buyers,” says Barry Forbes, president, Sales Simplicity. “There’s no easier, smoother way to execute a sale from start to finish, and we are the only salesforce-automation solution to offer this to homebuilders.”

This is another step in the process for helping homebuilders do more with sales and marketing technology. Sales Simplicity continues to hone its solution set in order to deliver cloud-hosted applications to help builders manage the entire customer relationship. For instance, the company’s technology has deep ties into social-networking technologies like Facebook and Twitter, among others, in order to provide builders with a single-platform, dashboard-driven campaign management toolset that is linked directly to things like Web analytics, emarketing, lead management, follow-ups, and new prospects.

While Sales Simplicity provides a targeted sales and CRM set of solutions for the homebuilding market, some in construction still are working with horizontal offerings for this process, such as those provided by,, San Francisco, Calif. The company recently launched Salesforce Private AppExchange, in order to provide customers with what it calls a “one-stop shop for every app across their enterprise.”

With this announcement, wants to give customers an option to build a trusted and customized corporate app store to manage and distribute all their custom, mobile, Web, and desktop apps. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Private AppExchange allows companies to provide all of its employees with instant access to mission-critical apps across any device. In a way, this announcement speaks to a movement in construction around the development of custom app stores.