Let’s be honest for a minute. The industry hypes up the benefits of BIM (building information modeling) and VDC (virtual design and construction), but there are many cautionary tales that don’t get told.

In a blog I wrote earlier this year, I even address the fact that BIM blunders happen all the time, and the key is to learn from those in order to improve on the next project.

Building on this topic of conversation, I recently had the opportunity to sit down with John Grady, president, Epic BIM, to discuss the realities of BIM today and what needs to happen in the future. We tackle some of the tough questions, such as addressing the biggest challenges with BIM, steps for implementation, how to ensure BIM will be used effectively, and how the competitive landscape has changed.

One of the interesting points Grady made was the fact his ultimate goal is to see every worker on a jobsite with RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags that can be read and then tied into the model. I commend Grady for having such big vision for how this can be possible in construction and encourage others in the space to consider the potential benefits. The challenge, of course, will be the technology providers keeping up with the advancing connected technologies and offering the integration to tie everything together.

Another key point Grady really hammers home is the fact the industry has been sold on “Hollywood BIM” and not the reality of the deliverables. What is needed is an open, honest, and frank conversation about the deliverables.

All too often the cautionary BIM and VDC tales don’t get told, which is why we plan to explore this topic at our upcoming Constructech Technology Day conference on August 27 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Schaumburg, Ill.

We have invited John Grady, president, Epic BIM, to join us to facilitate that open, honest, and frank conversation and discuss practical implementation of BIM as part of a collaboration process.

In this session, with his IT background at construction companies, he will tell the truth that BIM and VDC can add great value, but is can also hurt a project when done wrong. Grady will take you through some scenarios where there was a failure and look at what could have been done differently.

I encourage you to consider joining us for this open conversation. After all, having these types of discussions help to move the construction industry forward.

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