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Holidays And Virtual Parties

When the pandemic hit, and we all went home, virtual connection became not only important but essential. A world that had been wildly connected before the shutdown had to develop new ways of socializing and, yes, hosting parties via the cloud.

Construtech Q&A: Tech Trends to Watch

What are some of the technological trends you’re seeing in the industry currently? How is the consumption of technology expected to change as more construction projects get off the ground in the coming months?

3 Signs Roofing Contractors Need Automation to Drive Operational Efficiency

A roofing business service operation do not fall flat on the first sign of inefficiency. Sadly, many warning bells can be heard many times earlier before finally giving up to poor lower profits, high operational cost, and reduced productivity. And yet roofing contractors fail to see the warning the signs? Why does it happen? Are too many contractors immune to the warning bells before the damage is done?

Bonding Efficiency of Crack Fillers

Rapid repair of cracks is the main task of crack fillers. However, only with the proper evaluation method can this be successfully implemented.

Three Factors Encouraging the Transformation of Sustainable Construction

At the surface, there appeared to be a dramatic shift in residential construction trends following the last year plus of pandemic-related restrictions. With the home also becoming the office and social hub for many people, consumers looked toward leaving cramped cities and apartment housing in search of more space and homes tailored to their new needs. In tandem, energy use and costs rose dramatically, causing builders to rethink methods and materials for making homes adaptable and sustainable for the long-term.

Achilles Heel: Cash Flow Issues Cripple Small Firms

Late payments have plagued the construction industry for so long now that most of us think of it as the norm. There are many reasons for this, including a fractured and potentially very long supply chain of subcontractors (meaning money must pass through many hands); an entrenched, change-averse culture, which tends to distrust digitization; along with high payrolls (labor-intensive industries are often some of the costliest businesses to run and construction companies are no exception). Not to mention there’s the ever-increasing change in regulations and payment processes meaning more red-tape and human error.

DUCTILCRETE Systems Support Sustainable Warehousing

A recent research study found that 81% of companies are more focused on sustainability today than they were three years ago. Corporations are under pressure to operate more efficiently, spurring growth in sustainable warehousing/distribution centers. With consumer interest in green practice growing, businesses are evaluating everything from packaging to transportation of goods to optimization of warehouse space. One less obvious way to reduce their carbon footprint is by replacing a traditional concrete slab floor with a DUCTILCRETE® engineered slab system.