Marc Duffer had an idea—create an app that would enable contractors to track time on mobile devices without the need for any additional hardware. From his efforts, JobClocker,, was born. His idea, turned app, hasn’t just gained interest from the construction community—it has also captured the attention of the tech-investment community as well.

Tech-investment company Serious Startups,, Nashville, Tenn., announced this week an equity position in JobClocker. With this news, Serious Startups has taken a stake in JobClocker and will help upgrade functionality and provide a marketing strategy as the company grows. In fact, next week JobClocker will roll out a complete revamp of the mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Executives at Serious Startups say they are looking forward to partnering with Duffer to help him take things to the next level. Having experience in the construction industry, Duffer understands that money is easily lost on jobs when time isn’t tracked, and says this technology can help contractors maximize profits in a hard economy.

The app allows construction companies to quickly generate a jobsite profile with geofencing, which forces all subs and employees to physically be on a job before checking in via the mobile application. With the app, foremen can see which workers are on site, when they clocked in or out, and also if they leave the job without authorization. The cost for using the app is based on the number of jobsites per month and starts at just $10 a month.

This equity partnership between Serious Startups and JobClocker could signal an interesting new trend in construction, with contractors developing apps for the construction community and seeking an investment company to help fund further development and marketing for the app.

In the age of apps, anything goes for the construction industry. Time tracking certainly is one of the top priorities for construction companies with regards to mobile apps. Many construction companies are increasingly relying on the device in worker’s pockets—a smartphone—to clock them in and out on a job.

However, the technology is advancing, offering companies biometrics, GPS, geofencing, and more. As such, construction companies need to determine which features and functionality, and even which app is right for business.