Not just any mobile device can stand up to harsh conditions of the construction jobsite. For builders, contractors, and their employees who are looking to stay connected while away from the office, it is important to invest in a technology solution that caters to the construction industry. This not only involves software designed for construction business processes, but hardware that doesn’t have to be handled delicately on the job.

This week at the 2011 CTIA Enterprise & Applications conference in San Diego, Calif., Sonim Technologies,, San Mateo, Calif., announced a line-up of ultra-rugged smartphones built to withstand America’s toughest industries.

The new line of Sonim devices are designed to be lightweight, functional, and extremely durable. In fact, the company holds the Guinness World Record for the “World’s Toughest Phone.”

Along with the hardware announcements, Sonim also unveiled four workforce-management applications including: proof of attendance and activity using NFC (near-field communication) technology; “push-to-talk” for realtime communication among team members; mobile resource management for tracking workers; and emergency response/safety monitoring.

Sonim’s XP1330 CORE PTT device, for instance, can replace private mobile radios among team members, enabling them to communicate instantly via push-to-talk technology. The XP3300 FORCE is another new Sonim device that supports mobile resource management applications, including location tracking and timecard reporting for on-the-go workers. The Sonim XP3340 SENTINEL has up to 29 hours of GPS tracking time, a “man-down” sensor that can detect emergencies and call for help, and a red “panic” button.

When investing in a technology solution for construction, the hardware should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of a jobsite. If business owners and operators are going to make the upfront cost to streamline workflow by providing on-the-go connectivity, the solution better be able to perform on the job.