Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., has introduced the latest embedded UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) module in its ThingMagic Mercury 6e series—the ThingMagic Nano.

The new module joins the M6e, Micro, and Micro-LTE in offering customers a wide range of options for adding UHF RFID into a product or solution.

The Mercury6e series offers reader modules in several configurations, allowing customers to develop a variety of applications ranging from high performance to small-form factor, depending on their specific needs. In addition, customers who have already developed a solution using a module in the M6e series can take advantage of ThingMagic’s universal API (application programming interface) when developing a new reader with the ThingMagic Nano.

ThingMagic Nano is the smallest form-factor module available to customers in the M6e series. With its very low-power consumption, the module offers a wide RF output range that is important for the read/write requirements for battery-operated RFID-enabled printers, tag commissioning stations, product authentication, and access control readers.

The module’s low cost makes it a viable option for customers seeking to develop a reader that is cost efficient yet reliable. ThingMagic’s extensive development experience in chip design and depth of RFID knowledge delivers valuable, real-world features and give customers an advanced set of tools to develop innovative RFID-based solutions.

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