On the jobsite, it’s important that fleets of all kinds are operating at peak performance. If a truck or a piece of equipment becomes damaged, it can slow down the entire project and potentially put people in harm’s way. A new system aims to monitor one aspect of the fleet to help preserve productivity.

Trimble, www.trimble.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced its TirePulse Tire Monitoring System for fleets. Trimble says the goal is to help fleet managers reduce maintenance costs while also promoting safety and ensuring work can continue. The system monitors tires in realtime, providing alerts related to tire pressure and temperature.

If tires aren’t at the right level of inflation, problems can occur. Underinflated tires can lessen fuel mileage and increase wear on the tread. If a tires blows out, that vehicle or piece of equipment goes out of commission and may delay a project. Trimble TirePulse monitors tires and wirelessly reports the data from the jobsite to the VisionLink fleet, asset, and site productivity management solution. The solution is part of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio.

A sensor is placed in the tire valve stem, which communicates with a Trimble SNM940 Connected Site Gateway to relay the data. All the tire information is transmitted back to the office where it can be viewed by the fleet manager. Additionally, emailed alerts can quickly let a manager or site foreman know something is amiss. VisionLink will send an alert when a tire experiences a 20% drop in pressure, indicating it may become a hazard. Alerts for high temperatures are also available.

Tire pressure monitoring is one aspect of fleet management, but Trimble is also focused on other fleet solutions. For instance, the company’s TrimFleet Suite for Ready Mix trucks is targeted at the concrete industry. It’s designed to help manage the product delivery cycle by automatically updating dispatchers in realtime on vehicle location and status.

Using technology to monitor fleets results in reduced downtime and less emergency maintenance. By simply changing a tire, a jobsite can keep workers safer and save money.