Accessing data from the jobsite can be a challenge—even with the amount of apps and software now available on mobile devices. What construction companies need is a strategy and process for how documents will be accessed from the jobsite. From there, technology will provide the means to do so.

Turner Construction Co.,, New York, N.Y., is one example of a general contractor that saw a need for standardizing how data and documents are managed on the SAN Terminal 2 West Expansion design-build project. Here is how the company found success: It started with a core business objective and then developed a home-grown solution, of sorts, fusing three technology systems together.

Turner Linked is an initiative that marries technology together including Microsoft SharePoint for storing documents; Revu from Bluebeam Software,, Pasadena, Calif., for processing documents; and a customized HTML IVUI (intuitive visual user interface) for navigating to documents.

Terriann Nohilly, project engineer, was appointed to be the SharePoint engineer on the project, and says, “We took a look at our document-management system, SharePoint, and determined that it really wasn’t feasible in its current state to be used on a tablet device.”

But there was a very simple solution: Take the systems already in place and fuse them together with an intuitive user interface. The goal from the onset was to make the system user friendly and tablet friendly.

After launching the system—in just two and a half months—the team conducted a survey of users to gather feedback. The results show improvement in information distribution, communication, and quality control. What’s more, RFI (request for information) posting time and updates for design changes were reduced. On average, users saved about five and a half hours a week and the document control engineer saved about 20 hours per week.

Even with this savings, Nohilly points to the positive response from the owner as the biggest benefit of the technology. “Maybe it is easily quantifiable, but ultimately people like using this system and they want it to be on the next project.”

To read more about how Turner fused the three systems together, check out the March/April issue of Constructech magazine.