Baton Rouge, La.

Corporate Owner: Industrial/Manufacturing



With a focus on petrochemical, chemical, refining, energy, power generation, pulp and paper, and related markets, industrial contractor Turner Industries has a big focus on safety, integrity, reliability, and project execution. This is where the role of technology comes into play.

Capturing and reporting on project execution is key. The faster this is done, the quicker a company is able to identify risks and bottlenecks, ultimately cutting costs and keeping clients happy. Recognizing this as a top priority, Turner Industries developed an initiative it calls Foremans Progress, which extends the use of tablets, computers, and handheld devices to various users on a project. One of the key considerations on industrial project sites is network connectivity is typically low. Development of this initiative included identifying a class of rugged smartphones and software to capture project progress.

This was first used on a large project in Texas where client data analysts requested information at a very fast rate. With Foremans Progress in use, Turner Industries was able to gather the data and do reporting quickly. The company has used Foremans Progress at several jobsites since that time.

For the organization, the benefits include faster reporting and job bidding process, as well as a ‘significant chip at the bargaining table.’ The ROI (return on investment) was realized in less than one year and client relationships have been strengthened due to the use of the technology and the ability to report field progress quickly.

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