Even America’s military doesn’t get a pass on conserving energy and keeping the planet clean. Facing various legislative mandates to conserve energy, the U.S. Air Force has turned to some connected technology in order to cut costs and make its day-to-day operations greener.

That’s where McKenney’s, www.mckenneys.com, Atlanta, Ga., and Splunk, www.splunk.com, San Francisco, Calif., come in. The two companies recently announced a partnership which will allow them to coordinate their clients’ industrial data and report on energy efficiency opportunities.

The agreement calls for Splunk, a company which specializes in machine data, and McKenney’s, a facility construction, operation, and maintenance group, to combine their respective technologies. Splunk’s realtime operational intelligence software will be incorporated into McKenney’s Building Intelligence For Buildings (bdoc) program. With this technology, data can be drawn and analyzed from utilities such as elevators, security doors, light switches, thermostats, and air conditioners, among others. Monitoring this data gives companies the ability to “listen” to their buildings and eliminate redundant costs and energy expenditures.

According to Steve Sommer, Splunk’s chief marketing officer, the technology can harness data from networks, applications, sensors, mobile devices, and anything else which generates machine data. Sommer says this data can reap benefits for an entire organization, as opposed to one specific area.

In the case of the Air Force, bdoc is at the heart of a plan developed by Eglin Air Force Base. This plan calls for the deployment of more than 20,000 sensors in more than 100 buildings to analyze data from utilities such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Brian Gilmore, program manager for the Enterprise Intelligence Group in the ACS (Automation and Control Solutions) division at McKenney’s, says M2M—or as machine-to-machine as it is known—represents a huge opportunity for organizations. He adds buildings create an incredible amount of data, and the technology from McKenney’s and Splunk will help clients cut costs in ways they never would have imagined.

Indeed, M2M is opening doors many of us never knew were there. For the construction industry, and virtually any industry that uses cost-cutting opportunities like these effectively, that can amount to a better bottomline.