These days, construction requires more than just bricks and mortar; it also requires technology. In today’s connected world, software solutions that allow construction companies to manage business processes and workflows in a seamless way have changed what it means to do business.

UBuildNet,, Bayville, N.J., has announced it will release UPro, a cloud-based construction-management solution, this month. offers a networking and social marketing platform for members of the construction industry.

As a cloud-based solution, UPro will allow users to manage various workflows from multiple devices—whether it’s a stationary PC in the office or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet out in the field. By providing a single place for professionals to navigate multiple aspects of construction business operations, the solution eliminates the need to switch from one software or app to another.

The company says UPro will integrate with existing features of the UBuildNet platform in an effort to combine contact and relationship management with project management and financial management. For instance, companies will be able to manage contacts while also making new contacts thanks to the contractor search function. UBuildNet says its next release will add a dashboard for managing estimates, proposals, work orders, and purchase orders, as well as a fully integrated accounting module that will help deliver budgeting, project cost and analysis, and tax management.

From networking and social marketing to file storage, data backup, and project management, construction processes are increasingly going up into the cloud. UBuildNet hopes to bring its networking platform to new heights by delivering efficiencies to important construction workflows with UPro.

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