Which building is the energy drainer in the bunch? As a facilities manager or large owner/operator, that can be one of the most difficult questions to answer with confidence. Technology provides a helping hand in identifying those in the portfolio not performing up to par, so to speak, when talking energy efficiency.

The latest comes from Schneider Electric, www.schneider-electric.us, Palatine, Ill., which has rebranded its EnergyView Online product as Remote Energy Management. This hosted solution profiles energy usage and the carbon footprint in an organization’s facilities globally through energy analytics. The product can also be a good tool for proactive energy management, as it helps identify opportunities for energy efficiency, sets a plan for improvements, and tracks the impacts.

Part of the issue with such portals involves the set-up of the analysis tools. With the intent to address such issues, Schneider includes a launch page within Remote Energy Management that allows users to view energy and sustainability information in an instant. This includes a map that reveals insight into single or multiple sites; a customizable dashboard; and some advanced reporting capabilities.

The product also includes an energy profile to help identify usage patterns, history, and costs for comparison and benchmarking across facilities. This aspect can be particularly appealing in that it provides a deeper understanding into historical trends in effort to take more proactive measures for preventing such occurrences in the future.

Energy analysis applications are becoming essential technology tools for all facilities management professionals and owner/operator organizations. In helping reduce the carbon footprint of your organization such tools that add not only insight, but also the proactive tools to stay on top of trends can be of most benefit moving forward.