Construction projects are hard enough on land, but what about projects that by necessity take place underwater? A new software tool offers help for monitoring projects that have a submerged component. By providing a more detailed look at what’s happening below the surface, the solution can ease the way for workers.

Released by Coda Octopus Group,, Lakeland, Fla., the latest version of its underwater Construction Monitoring System software is designed to monitor the placement of concrete armor units used in breakwater construction projects. Breakwaters are employed to shield a coastline or port from the effects of weather and sediment drift.

The software uses the company’s realtime Echoscope 3D sonar to provide images of underwater projects, presenting crane operators and excavators with a clear picture of what’s happening under the waves. The workers can see concrete blocks as they are placed, allowing them to finish tasks more quickly and safely. When dealing with the massive blocks needed for these types of construction projects, it’s important for workers to be able to see exactly where the units are being placed.

Coda Octopus Group says the technology was originally used on the Ras Laffan breakwater project in Qatar. The most recent version of the system provides an enhanced tracking algorithm to give users better results in challenging environments, and it also works with additional types of concrete block units. New functions include profile views, chain removal capabilities, and the ability to interactively build and edit databases of already placed blocks.

Through its Coda Octopus Products business unit, Coda Octopus Group offers a number of technologies designed to aid in underwater work projects. Though these types of solutions are targeted at a subset of construction users, they provide vital systems for those workers who need them.