The industry is seeing a bit of an uptick in university construction projects lately. For owners and operators at universities across the country, more effective energy management might be something to consider going forward.

Whether a university is or is not undergoing construction, enterprise software can provide dashboards to monitor historical and realtime energy use via a standard Web browser. This will allow universities to more effectively manage electricity, gas, water, and other metered parameters.

One new product in particular is designed  for multi-building facility applications—and is a good fit to help manage energy at schools and universities in particular, as well as medical complexes, business parks, military bases, and other multi-building commercial institutions.

The new product comes from E-Mon,, Langhorne, Pa. The company has previously provided a standard Web-Mon offering for single-building energy management, and recently announced the availability of Web-Mon Enterprise Edition for multi-building monitoring.

According to the company, the platform is ideal for campus and multi-building facility applications. The software communicates via existing IP infrastructure with E-Mon D-Mon meters.

The energy data, charts, and graphs are accessible via a standard Internet browser in the office or remotely and can be available to multiple users. Display parameters include electrical consumption, peak demand, power factor, volts, and amps by phase and VARs (volt-amp reactive).

Web-Mon Enterprise includes the hardware platform and modbus TCP/IP communications with Class 3000 and Class 5000 E-Mon D-Mon meters.

Some of the unique features of this particular solution include: carbon footprint dashboard displays; user alerts when daily kW/kWH usage alarm setpoints are exceeded; current weather information and one-day forecast displayed on home meter page; and records five-day weather conditions.

In today’s energy conscious culture, conservation programs, green building initiatives, and efficiency analysis is a top priority for most building operations. There are many platforms available today to monitor energy usage across an entire facility—or even an entire campus of facilities.