Look up! What you see might be the key to measuring the green performance of your buildings. Technology is helping to make buildings more energy efficient, from the top down.

Onset, www.onsetcomp.com, Pocasset, Mass., supplies data loggers and weather stations, which help measure the green statistics and performance of today’s facilities. The company recently announced the release of its HOBO Green Roof Monitoring System, a research-grade system for measuring the performance of green roofs.

The 15-channel system is built for withstanding harsh rooftop conditions, and enables users to monitor green roof conditions, measure stormwater runoff, and improve irrigation scheduling, among other tasks. This is all accomplished by providing users with access to data via Web-based technology.

The sensors incorporated in the system are, according to the company, “plug-and-play,” which in the end can enable more efficient deployment. Users are able to receive information in customizable formats, in the form of trend logging, monitoring, and alarm notifications. In all, the access to realtime data can help give users a true snapshot to just how energy efficient their facilities are on a regular basis.

The system, which is available immediately, includes a HOBO U30 GSM-cellular data logger with one-year service plan and smart sensors which measure such things as rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, solar radiation, air temperature/relative humidity, and wind speed and direction.

This product is simply another example of the role M2M technology plays in helping communicate data that otherwise would require long and laborious processes on the part of users. Green gets smart through the use of sensors.