Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., is upping the ante with its new release of Viewpoint For Mobile, formally Mobile Field Manager, featuring enhancements that customers say offers optimal value and focus on improved business processes and user experience to increase productivity.

Included in the latest release is Grid Time Entry, a function that provides users with the ability to track time and productivity in a grid timesheet, which has a similar look and feel of a spreadsheet. The grid feature displays employees and equipment together on a single screen, and allows time and production units to be entered against multiple phases, saving time and improving efficiency.

Additionally, users of the updated software package, which is now available in Australia and North America, can easily take and organize jobsite progress photos with the new Progress Photo capabilities. Photos are automatically tagged with a date, location, and job code.

“The new grid timesheet entry will allow our workers in the field the ability to easily update time and equipment usage on a project in one easy step,” remarks Becky Dockter, vice president of finance for the Journey Group of Companies, a Sioux Falls, S.D., construction and engineering concern.

“The ease in which data can be entered encourages our team members to update progress on the fly, providing increased visibility for all parties involved, especially for operation managers and accounting,” she adds. “This visibility is pivotal in helping keep up on daily activities and tracking against the budget, providing steady confidence on how projects are performing.”

A global provider of innovative construction-specific software and services, Viewpoint offers solutions for a range of functions including preconstruction to construction and facilities maintenance, which are available in a variety of platforms including cloud, mobile, SaaS, and On Premises.

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