The UPro Project Dashboard is now available outside the United States, announced,, Bayville, N.J., which offers construction software for the construction and home improvement industry. Conceived and built by construction professionals, is a niche site dedicated to the construction industry.

UPro is designed for handling projects, estimates, proposals, work orders, purchase orders, change orders, and invoicing. Seamlessly integrated with the communication, networking, and marketing features of, UPro allows construction professionals to manage daily business operations from any Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone whether they are in the office, on the road, with a customer, at a construction site, or home finishing up some business.

“Growth in 2014 was upwards of 460 percent, far exceeding any of our expectations,” reports UBuildNet Chief Executive Officer John Clark. The UBuildNet team credits this incredible growth to increased exposure, loyal customers, and the UPro Project Dashboard.

According to the company, UPro was intended to be initially released in the United States only, with a late 2015 international release. But with interest in construction software high, the team decided to accelerate the pace, making UPro available anywhere an Internet connection can be accessed.

UBuildNet asserts that finding and cultivating solid relationships is a critical, demanding requirement for successful contracting, and that although the Internet and social media bring new, advanced networking possibilities that significantly expand on older, traditional networking methods, social media did not emerge with an aim to optimize business or to meet the unique needs of builders.’s UPro Dashboard is intended to fill a void in the construction software arena. Construction software is often overly complex, too expensive, enterprise based, or designed without the user’s needs being addressed. UPro operates from the “cloud,” works on any mobile device, and is purported to improve the user experience by simplifying processes.

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