What if you could take a photo and turn it 3D? URCV, www.urcventures.com, is working to make this possible for construction.

In partnership with the UNC Dept. of Computer Science, www.cs.unc.edu, URCV unveiled a new software program able to rebuild 12,903 3D models in six days.

Researchers Enrique Dunn, Jan-Michael Frahm, Johannes Schonberger, and Jared Heinly of UNC’s computer vision section generated software that processes datasets, in order to create 3D models all over the world. The models can be used for VR (virtual reality) applications like virtual tourism, and is more advanced than maps or aerial images.

People have tried to produce 3D models of landmarks before from entire cities. However, this new framework is set to stream each photo consecutively, which provides for better scalability.

URCV’s team tested this new framework on 100 million crowdsourced photos from Yahoo. The photos took 4.4 days to stream to complete the data association process. Then, the 3D models were built using the images, which took less than a day. The total process took more than five days.
The ability to process billions of images into actionable data will help to power new business solutions that renovate industries. It also helps drive a technological boost for future generations, according to David Boardman, CEO, URCV.

With this type of technology, the construction industry is headed for yet another helpful shift into the future.

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