Sometimes it all comes down to strong technology partners. For construction companies this is certainly the case, as good technology partners help run more efficient operations. But for technology providers, the same theory can also apply, as strong partners help deliver a more cohesive set of products fit to best serve construction customers.

Throughout the past few months Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., has adopted this strategy in full. Just in the past few weeks the company has partnered with the likes of Hard Dollar,, Scottsdale, Ariz., and Quote Software,, Eugene, Ore. This adds to the already impressive list of partners for Viewpoint that extend across all aspects of the construction-technology space. One could argue its acquisition of Construction Imaging earlier this year also played into this strategy as well.

This week Viewpoint’s partnership strategy continues to progress with the announced deal with McCormick Systems,, Scottsdale, Ariz. The company, which provides estimating and other technology solutions for electrical (and more recently, mechanical and plumbing) contractors, will now be included in the Viewpoint Development Partner Program.

According to Viewpoint, the alliance offers benefits to electrical, plumbing and mechanical, T&D, and building systems contractors. This alliance will now allow McCormick Systems’ customers to benefit beyond estimating and project management. Its customers will now be able to take advantage of software that will help them to manage construction operations, accounting, and human resources, among others.

As with all partnerships under the alliance, Viewpoint values the strong and ongoing commitment that McCormick Systems has demonstrated in the construction industry. In fact, this is the second technology partner that falls under the estimating technology category for electrical contractors to join up under the alliance this year. Recently ConEst Software Systems,, Manchester, N.H., joined the Viewpoint Development Partner Program.

In all it just goes to demonstrate that good partners might not be that hard to find. In the world of construction technology, this theory is holding true more often than not.