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For construction companies, being able to share data across a project and collaborate using that same set of data minimizes risks and increases visibility across a project. More often, contractors are using construction-specific solutions to manage this data. With the flurry of partnerships, M&As (merger and acquisitions), and new product announcements, keeping up on the latest technology releases can help identify the best way to develop a collaborative approach.

Viewpoint Construction Software is one company that has been focused on the technology needs and requirements of construction organizations. As a global provider of construction-specific software solutions and services that offer contractors of all sizes the tools they need to improve project visibility, manage risk, effectively collaborate with the entire building team, and ultimately increase profitability, Viewpoint solutions include everything from preconstruction to facilities maintenance and are offered on a variety of platforms including cloud, SaaS (software-as-a-service), and on-premise.

Headquartered in Portland, Ore., and with offices in the U.K., Australia, and Canada, Viewpoint engages in a highly collaborative process with customers to ensure every product and service addresses key industry issues.

In the past few years, Viewpoint Construction Software has built out its portfolio of technology for the construction industry, with a focus on collaboration. Here is a sampling of the technology the company now has in its product portfolio:

Vista by Viewpoint (Formally Viewpoint V6 Software)

Vista by Viewpoint is a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that help contractors manage all areas of operations. Built for medium-to-large-sized contractors, Vista features solutions for accounting/HR, project management, project collaboration, mobile, estimating, content management, resource management, and service management. Easily scalable and integrated with all key third-party software, Vista’s suite of applications is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework using the SQL Server database for timely reporting of critical data.

ProContractor by Viewpoint

ProContractor by Viewpoint is designed specifically to address the needs of small-to-mid-sized contractors and provides end-to-end control with the industry’s only all-in-one estimating, project management, and accounting solution. ProContractor improves visibility and profitability across a construction business, helps manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to cash management, and enables close collaboration and decisionmaking.

Viewpoint For Project Collaboration

From preconstruction through construction, to post-completion, Viewpoint For Project Collaboration allows the realtime flow of drawings, documents, and data, extending and expanding the abilities of traditional project management. Viewpoint For Project Collaboration provides improved communications and collaboration among multiple project stakeholders on both internal and external teams, including owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors. BIM Manager is part of Viewpoint For Project Collaboration and is an easy-to-use, browser-based application for BIM (building information modeling) collaboration.

Viewpoint For Mobile

Viewpoint For Mobile provides contractors with a mobile application suite to track and record time, equipment, and production hours from remote locations. Featuring seamless integration with existing ERP (enterprise-resource planning) solution or Vista by Viewpoint, field teams can easily enter information on smartphones or tablets and send that data back to the office for review and approval.

Viewpoint For Content Management

Tightly integrated with most construction accounting systems, Viewpoint For Content Management provides a complete enterprise-content management suite that allows organizations to create a single central repository for all content and management of key business processes. The solution reduces unnecessary cost and overhead through integrated process automation and document archiving, helping minimize the challenges associated with paper documents and electronic content. Key areas include: AP (accounts payable) workflow, OCR (optical character recognition) automated data capture, photo management, email management, electronic smart forms, and business application integration (including construction ERP, project management, Microsoft Office, and SharePoint).

Service Management

Viewpoint’s Service Management solution provides a suite of applications to help contractors effectively manage smaller and recurring jobs while creating an ongoing revenue stream. The Work Order Management application streamlines the work order process, facilitates periodic billing, and features a drag-and-drop dispatch board for assigning technicians to work orders. The Service Agreement application keeps a service business profitable by determining when agreements are going to expire, tracking usage rates, scheduling routine maintenance work for customers, and performing monthly forecasting.

Viewpoint Cloud

The Viewpoint Cloud offering allows contractors to stay focused on every construction project with all technology, security, and data access worries covered in the cloud. Plus, the immediate savings on labor, hardware, software, and energy costs help the benefits pay for themselves fast.

Viewpoint For Disaster Recovery

Viewpoint Disaster Recovery ensures Vista by Viewpoint data and other mission-critical applications are being replicated to a data center and that the resources are available to restore critical project and business information in the cloud in less than four hours. Viewpoint supports and updates all applications that are hosted on its cloud platform—including security, updates, and backup of data.

Viewpoint For Estimating

Viewpoint For Estimating provides flexible software solutions with easy-to-use tools to automate the bidding process, help lower costs, and win profitable work. The software allows contractors the ability to quickly and accurately takeoff, estimate, and bid projects for best profits.

And these are just a few examples of how technology for different parts of a construction business can come together to allow team members to share data across a project.

by Viewpoint Construction Software