While it’s not necessarily “infrastructure” it does provide a solid backbone to any good IT operation. And for the foreseeable future, it looks to be an area in which construction will remain vibrant.

According to a new study from Mortenson Construction, www.mortenson.com, Minneapolis, Minn., data centers look to be on the uprise, with expansion of mission critical facilities showing no signs of slowing down, according to the contractor’s survey. This is being fueled by greater digitization of information and growth in cloud-based services and new devices.

The Mortenson Construction Mission Critical Industry Study includes insights and perspectives on current investment plans of stakeholders, potential challenges to the data center boom, data center efficiency levels, the impact of new designs and technologies, and delivery methods. This is a regular survey conducted by Mortenson that it says helps it stay in line with the needs of customers and partners. Other recent Mortenson studies include solar energy, higher education, and healthcare.

For the research, the company intereviewed data center and facilities professionals regarding their views and outlook for the market.

Among the other findings in the Mortenson study, healthcare and technology companies are two sectors seen to be having great future needs for data center capacity; energy and cooling costs receive top consideration when making data center location decisions; and 83% of colocation provider respondents and 60% of corporate and public entity respondents will likely make these investments throughout the next two years.