In the construction industry, effective HR (human resource) processes and procedures can make a big difference on construction projects. Now, one technology company is introducing a voice analyzer for prescreening job applicants, which will help match a prospective worker with a job.

Jobaline,, a provider of mobile and bilingual job marketplace technology that matches employers with hourly workers in the United States, announces the Jobaline Voice Analyzer.

The Jobaline system automates the prescreening and matching of job applicants to hourly waged jobs. The company recently decided to enhance its job matching process by applying data sciences and advanced modeling to create algorithms that predict human emotions elicited by paralinguistic elements of the voices recorded. Elements such as tone of voice can add meaning. That means “how” things are said are as important as what is being said.

With the Voice Analyzer, Jobaline automates the recruiting process by identifying, in realtime, workers with voices that the average U.S. consumer will find engaging and pleasant. Hiring managers will then save hours of their time from making unproductive phone calls.

Advanced matching technologies such as Jobaline Voice Analyzer, combined with pay per results business models, can reduce the nearly one billion hours spent by large employers prescreening applicants and improve the efficiency of the amount they spend on advertising, according to the company. Also, the time hourly workers spend between part time and seasonal jobs can be reduced accordingly.

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