Webcor Builders, www.webcor.com, San Francisco, Calif., is sharing its secret to green building—technology. The company announced a new enterprise tool to collaborate with customers and measure and manage natural capital costs of a construction project within the supply chain.

In partnership with Climate Earth, www.climateearth.com, Berkeley, Calif., Webcor Builders announced NCMS (Natural Capital Management System), which produces insights into the natural capital costs that are triggered from the use of different materials and building designs.

The system aims to answer the following questions on a construction project:

  • Which building element has the highest natural capital cost?
  • How does the value of water depletion compare the land use and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Where can a company make changes to reduce those costs?

Phil Williams, vice president of sustainability, Webcor Builders, says every link in the supply chain uses natural capital such as water, land, chemicals, and greenhouse gas emissions. “ … NCMS will be the foundation for understanding these strategic costs and working with our clients and partners to build less resource-intensive environments.”

Webcor’s NCMS is integrated with its BIM (building information modeling) system to provide natural capital management on any building project. The company recognizes it depends on natural capital and identified a way to generate the information to assess costs and identify opportunities to minimize such costs.

In the March 2010 Constructech cover story, we spoke with Williams about Webcor’s multifaceted technology approach to building green, which included a database to help keep track of all carbon accounting, BIM (building information modeling), and even building automation.

As the construction industry continues to move toward more green-building projects, companies such as Webcor will continue to lead the industry and demonstrate how technology can help build energy-efficient facilities.