Collaboration makes a huge impact on project management. Large projects are much simpler to accomplish when a cloud-based collaborative platform allows construction companies to share data easily. In an example, Wellcome Trust,, London, England, a global charitable foundation, is taking advantage of the cloud for a major construction project.

Wellcome Trust selects Aconex,, San Bruno, Calif., a cloud-collaboration platform provider, for the construction of its Wellcome Collection Development Project.

The Wellcome Collection Development Project began in 2012. The project focuses on the reconfiguration and refurbishment of the Wellcome Building, which was originally constructed in 1932. It aims to increase traffic from the 100,000 visitors anticipated since the venue opened in 2006.

Wellcome Trust originally deployed Aconex for the project to manage pre-construction data and processes, including design reviews. Now, Wellcome Trust is using the online collaboration platform for tendering, document control, and workflow management. In addition, the company is using Aconex Field for field inspections and issues management. With Aconex Mobile construction apps on tablets and smartphones, the project team can swiftly and accurately enter data and even attach photos in realtime. All these features enhance job efficiency and reduce company risks, as the project team consists of more than 130 individuals expanding from more than 30 different organizations.

Wellcome Trust’s desired workflow keep the entire team’s activities synchronized. Moreover, Wellcome Trust possesses a complete audit trail, which tracks all project communications, decisions, and changes. This results in an early resolution of conflicts for the company.

“We insisted on using Aconex to maintain full control of the project,” says Chris Bunker, construction director, Wellcome Trust. “Aconex solutions have been instrumental in increasing accountability and managing change across all of the participants. The quality standards and public expectations of this project are exceptionally high, and Aconex has helped us consistently meet them.”

Aconex is a platform that provides team members instant access to project information, correspondence, and the most current version of documents–ones that are securely and permanently stored in the cloud. With Aconex, Wellcome Trust improves collaboration and efficiency during the construction process. The integration of Aconex should result in the successful completion of this large project, as it currently has an estimated completion date of early 2015.

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