One of my favorite parts of covering technology in the construction industry is hearing the customer case studies. Through the years, I have listened to the firsthand stories of contractors and builders implementing technology and how it improved the bottomline. As of late, these instances aren’t just the successes of one company, but rather the result of an entire team effort—and more often it is starting with the project owner.

This is one of the reasons why we asked Cliff Moser of Kaiser Permanente to speak at last year’s Technology Day event and subsequently pen a column for Constructech about what the owner expects with regards to construction technology. In his most recent column, he navigates the tricky seas of BIM (building information modeling), looking to answer the question: Why hasn’t BIM changed things?

The positive feedback of both the session at last year’s event and the column in the magazine has led us to seek out another owner to participate in this year’s Technology Day event—but with a little bit of a twist. This year, the owner will focus on one specific project and how everyone involved on the team leveraged technology for greater collaboration and ultimately an improved bottomline.

Let me set the stage. Northwestern Memorial Hospital provides a total of 894 inpatient beds and encompasses more than 3 million sq.ft., of medical building space. Here is the catch. In 2010, Northwestern Medicine, the owner organization for the hospital project, released an enterprise mandate to use BIM for all project going forward in order to improve collaboration. As such, the construction team need to identify how to use technology to more efficiently model, collect and use key asset data and documentation during construction, migrate information more quickly at turnover, and then access this data during building operations.

Sounds familiar right? It is the objective of many construction projects today—one you are likely involved in, and the team managed to find a way to save roughly 1950 manhours using technology.

This is one of the key reasons we have asked Ken Kaiser, manager, facilities planning and construction, Northwestern Medicine, and his team to join us at Technology Day this year to speak about the project and how technology helped improve the bottomline. After all, isn’t this the goal of all construction projects today?

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